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Rundo DEEP

Quality round deep downlight with a texture powder coating finish

Available colors :
Rundo DEEP


Quality round deep downlight with a texture powder coating finish.
The fixture can be mounted in a round hole of 90mm with blade springs.
The GU10 lamp is adjustable over 30°.


Blade springs

Light Source

Led spot conformity / applicable.
GU10 socket included - double isolated.


GU10 socket with junction box.

Technical Drawings

Filters: Naturel white (4500K) x Warm white (2700K) x White (3500K) x White (3000K) x Naturel white (4000K) x Cold white (6500K) x RGB x RGB+W x RGBW x Blue x Red x Green x Yellow x Amber x Diffusor x Double parabolic mirror x Reflector symmetric x Reflector T5/T8 x Lens x Reflector x IP20 x IP40 x IP44 x IP54 x IP65 x IP66 x IP67 x IP68 x Daylight sensor x Dim multi sensar x Dimming sensor x Presence sensor x Stand alone x Ultrasonic senso x Master / Slave x LED x incandescent lamp x Halogen x T8 Fluorescent x T5 fluorescent x T5/T8 circle x Xenon x Metal-halide x High pressure sodium x Led driver x Conventional ballast x Electronic HF x 1-10V Dimmer x Switch dimmer x DALI Dimmer x KNX Dimmer x DMX Dimmer x X Clear Filter
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